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"African Violets for Everyone" is the book that provides all the information you need to grow and care for beautiful healthy African violets. Of the 90 pages in it are 12 pages of colour photographs. Included is a CD with a presentation covering many African violet topics and many additional coloured photographs

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African violets have been cultivated for around 125 years

During that time they have acquired a poor reputation with many people – hard to grow, hard to flower,  hard to keep looking good. The good news is that with proper care they are really quite easy. They are just plants, after all and respond to normal care that reflects the background of their wild ancestors. 

Their primary requirements are water, light and fertiliser. Those things are not hard to provide.

The reason they are such good hobby plants is that they are very suited to indoor growing and they will flower at medium to low light levels. In fact they are reasonably happy to grow in the  indoor conditions we growers enjoy.

African violet growing is a world-wide hobby. Here in Australia they have been grown since the end of the 19th century. And still going strong!

Here is an example of the sorts of plants that abound in the world of African violets today and that you can propagate and grow for yourself.
This is a plant of 'Cirelda', a particularly lovely trailing African violet created by Canadian hybridiser Pat Tracey. This is my all time favourite pink trailer. This was not my plant but was photographed at the Annual Show of the African Violet Association of Australia in 2012. Further photographs of superb African violets may be found by checking the Association's website at:

Or, for a wonderful impression of pink, check the internet for images of 'Cirelda'. 
Click on this thumbnail photo for a larger image of this plant.

African violet Cirelda

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The book "African Violets for Everyone" is available for purchase from this site. It is full of information and illustrations to help in growing these plants. 

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