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About the Author of "African Violets for Everyone"

I have grown African violets and associated plants for over thirty years, and that experience is in the background of the book. During that time I have grown many thousands of the plants.

I have held positions on the committees of various African violet organisations, and have assisted many other growers with their African violets. I have written many magazine articles on the subject of African violets.

My previous book on this subject, “Growing African Violets and Some Other Flowering House Plants” published by Kangaroo Press in 1986 and 1993 was well received by interested growers. 

That earlier book had been out of print for many years, and the current volume has been produced in response to requests from interested associates everywhere.  

Ruth Coulson

Growing African  Violets
My African Violet Story

I’ve enjoyed African violets for a long time. I probably always will. I’ve had my ups and downs with them. From time to time I’ve felt I just want to toss them away, but somehow they always creep back into my heart and my home and I find I still have just as many as before. 

The length time that I have grown them and the problems that I have encountered along the way have given me some insights into how to get the best out of these little beauties. So here I am sharing some of my delight in the plants, my way with growing them, and some of my photographs.

As I said I have had some bad times with my growing of Saintpaulias. The first African violet I came across, I killed. Well, I was a child and it was really my mother’s plant but I was put in charge of it. I actually carried out the nurseryman’s instructions to the letter – Keep away from direct sunlight (did that – put it at least 4 metres or over 13 feet away from the closest window) and water by standing in a saucer of water (did that – it always stood in a saucer of water because I wasn’t about to let it go dry). When I look back it lasted a surprisingly long while, although I don’t believe we ever saw another flower after the ones on it when it was purchased.

It was at least twenty five years later that I had my next African violet experience. That story is told in Chapter 1 of “African Violets for Everyone”. I can tell you that it didn’t end well either. But my determination to grow this plant meant that I kept on growing from that time. And I have truly enjoyed myself. Not just with the plants, but with the wonderful people I have met and friends I have made along the African Violet Way.

If you relate to these two sad stories and yet love African violets then this is the site for you! I aim to help you not to kill your African violets. You might also benefit from purchasing my latest book “African Violets for Everyone”.

The book "African Violets for Everyone" is available for purchase from this site. It is full of information and illustrations to help in growing these plants. 

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