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African Violet How-To

Here are a few general points to remember in looking after African violets

* For African violets to be full of flower and to look beautiful they need to be healthy
* Since African violets come from tropical Africa, they need warmth. However many species come from higher elevations so they don't like really high temperatures.
* Mostly they come from sheltered areas where there is shade, so keep them away from too much direct sun.
* However they do like plenty of light to do well. There are no natural "indoor" plants and even sheltered natural environments are brighter than many indoor locations.
* Their natural habitat is quite humid, so consider trying to provide some humidity.

African violet 'Colonial Darling'

* Often their native home was nothing more than a small pocket of decayed leaves and grit between rocks, so keep the pots small enough to reflect their small root system.
* In view of the previous point, use a potting mix that is light, open and well drained and they will thank you for it.
* The decaying leaves in which their ancestors may have been growing provide a natural fertiliser. This doesn't happen in a pot. Living things generally need fertiliser so be sure you provide it.
* Yes! You can get water on the leaves! It rains in Africa! You can emulate this natural cleaning of the leaves by either brushing the leaves to keep them clean or wash with luke-warm water. Just don't use icy cold water and don't leave cold water on the leaves overnight, especially in cold weather. It is not good to let dirt and dust accumulate on the leaves.

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