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    Great News! African Violets for Everyone
now at a permanent low price

‘African Violets for Everyone’
The Book including the CD
is now permanently reduced in price
Instead of $28.50 (AU)
Pay only $21.00 (AU)
(Packaging and postage is extra)

Ordering by PayPal or Credit Card from the secure PayPal site: 

African Violets for Everyone: A Manual for Growers (Book including CD)

$21.00 (AU) plus packaging and postage. (This is a permanent reduction of $7.50 (AU))

Within Australia
$5.30 (packaging and postage)
$26.30 Total

Asia/Pacific **
$12.30 (packaging & postage)
$33.30 Total

Other International
$16.80 (packaging & postage)
Total: $37.80

** Asia/Pacific includes: China, Fiji, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam (But not the Americas)

Institutional purchasers, Societies and bulk purchasers ( 5 copies or more) take another 10% off. (Email me to arrange price and payment)

African Violets for Everyone: An Illustrated Guide (CD)  - This is the CD only

$8.00 plus packaging and postage. (A permanent reduction of $1.00 (AU))

Within Australia
$2.80 (packaging and postage)
$10.80 Total

All International
$5.70 (packaging & postage) 
$13.70 Total

Ordering by mail 

Send cheque, money order, etc with order. See the cost including postage from the schedule above and send to:

Ruth Coulson,
5 Colban Street,
Balcolyn, NSW 2264

Please make all cheques payable to M.R. Coulson

Terms: Payment with order. If ordering more than one item please contact me for the appropriate postage charge.
All prices are in Australian dollars.

All orders are mailed out within two business days of receipt of payment.

Within Australia, the cost of postage for one book or two is the same. Why not order one for a friend at the same time?

If you wish to purchase multiple copies, or extra CDs, I can save you money. Email me for a quote.

For hints on growing African violets, this site has a number of articles about how to grow. Check it out here.

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