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Dish Garden Photographs

Dish Gardens have been an interest for a long time - and miniature African violets and other tiny Gesneriads are especially suited to this type of artistic endeavour. I now am becoming interested in carrying this further into miniature landscapes of different kinds.  

These are photographs of some gardens I have entered successfully in shows.
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Dish Garden 1986

Garden entered in AVAA Show 1986, featuring African violet 'Pixie Blue' and Sinningia pusilla 'White Sprite'

Dish Garden 2004

Garden entered in AVAA Show 2004, featuring African violet miniatures and small Episcias. The garden was given the "Artistic Award"

Dish Garden 2004

Another garden entered in AVAA Show 2004, awarded 3rd place in the class

Dish Garden 2005

Best Artistic entry at the AVAA show 2005, featured palms, ferns and miniature African violets

Dish Garden 2006

Garden entered in AVAA Show 2006 featured Tillandsias (bromeliads) with African violets.

Dish Garden 2007

2007 AVAA Show entry with mainly African violets

Dish Garden 2006

The most eyecatching feature of this 2006 entry in the CCAVC Show was the Sinningia piresiana harmonising with the pink leafed Episcia and the pale pink African violets.

Dish Garden 2008

The fine piece of weathered wood made an excellent feature in this CCAVC 2008 Show 1st place winner

Dish Garden 2008

This 2008 entry in the CCAVC Show earned 2nd place. It featured moss, African violets and other related Gesneriad plants.

Dish Garden 2009

This Second place winner at the CCAVC Show of 2009 featured pink Hypoestes along with African violets and ferns

Dish Garden 2009

The third place winner in the CCAVC Show of 2009 featured a number of Sinningias along with African violets.

Dish Garden 2011

This entry in the AVAA Show of 2011 gained the Artistic Award.

Dish Garden 2011

Another entry in the AVAA show in 2011 African violets and related plants

Dish Garden 2011

This Garden was the 1st place winner at the HVAVS Show in 2011. Variegated foliage adds interest.

Dish Garden 2011

This is a detail photograph of the entry in the HVAVS Show of 2011 as shown in the previous photograph.

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