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The African Violet Way November 2014

November 2014
Articles include: 
Sudden Unexpected Plant Death in African Violets, the Symptoms of Neglect, Are two heads better than one?

The African Violet Way September 2014

September 2014
Articles include:
Saintpaulia Species Flowers, Fantasy African Violets, Growing from a Leaf.

The African Violet Way July 2014

July 2014
Articles include:
On the Fringe, Substitutes for Peat Moss in African violets, African Violet Society of Canada Convention, To grow under lights or not?

The African Violet Way March 2014

March 2014
Articles include:
Nancy Leigh, I've Got the Blues, Potting Mix for African violets, The Problem with Tank Water.

The African Violet Way January 2014

January 2014
Articles include:
Chiffon Print, The Unexpected Beauty of African Violet Leaves, Watering, Heat and African Violets

The African Violet Way November 2013

November 2013
Articles include:
Jenny's Delight, Leaching, Chimera African violets

The African Violet Way September 2013

September 2013
Articles include:
Icy Sunset, Fertilising, Gentility, Rejuvenation of an African violet.

The book "African Violets for Everyone" is available for purchase from this site. It is full of information and illustrations to help in growing these plants. 

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