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My Sinningias (A-M)

These photographs represent my other plant passion - Sinningias
Sinningias are related to African violets being another genus within the Gesneriad family. 

While they are easy to grow, these hyrids of mine are mostly quite large plants and are mostly grown outdoors.

Please note this is not a catalogue of plants for sale. The photos are for information and enjoyment only.

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Sinningia Adonis


Sinningia Aphrodite


Sinningia Aspasia


Sinningia Blizzard

So named for the numerous white calyx double nodding flowers. 

Sinningia Butterfly Kiss

Butterfly Kiss
'Butterfly Kiss' has light orange peloric flowers with distinctive red markings inside the tube. 

Sinningia Capriccio

'Capriccio' is bright pink outside, lavender pink on the face of the bloom with a very dark throat.  

Sinningia Capriccio

Capriccio - 2nd image
'Capriccio' flowers frequently have extra little "petaloids" held behind the main corolla, making a most distinctive flower.  

Sinningia Dale's Gift

Dale's Gift
A seasonal blooming plant with many markings on the pink flowers.

Sinningia Dancing

'Dancing' has a fully calyx double flower in shades of peach, pink and salmon.  Medium size plant.

Sinningia Demeter

Beautiful flowers and plenty of them, too

Sinningia Demeter

Second image

Sinningia Double Take

Double Take
Hose-in-hose calyx double flowers.

Sinningia Encore

The flowers are  peloric and fairly small but are abundant on constantly repeating stems. Near 150 on a single stem.  This plant  not fully groomed for the photo. 

Sinningia Fantasia

Quantities of pink semi-peloric flowers with magenta edging and markings.

Sinningia Flying Colours

Flying Colours
Medium to large growing plant that requires plenty of light. The flowers are up to 80mm long and are bright pink. 

Sinningia Fuzzy Bear

Fuzzy Bear
A large and bold plant with seasonal flowers. Flowers are small but the quantity produced and the colouring are amazing.

Sinningia Fuzzy Bear

Fuzzy Bear - Second image

Sinningia Golden Trumpets

Golden Trumpets
Peloric flowers with large, spreading lobes. A compact plant with plenty of flowers.. 

Sinningia Golden Trumpets

Golden Trumpets - 2nd image. Flowers are of an improved shape with wider lobes.

Sinningia Halcyon

A seasonal springtime bloomer with stacks of pink flowers.

Sinningia Halcyon

Halcyon - 2nd image

Sinningia Kaylah

Bright pink semi-nodding flowers with a few markings inside make a showy plant.

Sinningia Lamp Light

Lamp Light
This calyx double Sinningia has pendant flowers with a delicate blend of coral/orange, pink and pale lavender.

Sinningia Lilac Lace

Lilac Lace

Sinningia Little Redhead

Little Redhead
This carries a large quantity of bright orange/red flowers on repeat stems on a fairly compact plant.

Sinningia Melody

A semi-peloric calyx double flower in tones of peach and orange with long-lasting flowers.

Sinningia Michelle

'Michelle' has many markings inside the throat of the pink flower. 

Sinningia Minuet

'Minuet' is not unlike 'Michelle' but has darker flowers and is a much smaller plant.

Sinningia Miss Elegance

Miss Elegance
'Miss Elegance' is a small to medium grower with neat leaves. 

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