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These are photographs that were not included in the book or on the CD.  

Please note that this is not a catalogue of plants for sale - it is for information only.

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African violet Aura

A beautiful bicolour flower on variegated foliage from hybridiser Margaret Taylor

African violet Biara

Pink on blue fantasy flowers with variegated foliage

African violet Castella

A semiminiature with abundant pink flowers hybridised by Sue Gardner

African violet Christening Gown

Christening Gown
A prolific white semiminiature.

African violet Colonial Broome

Colonial Broome
A reliable member of the Colonial series of African violets

African violet Colonial Darling

Colonial Darling
Lavender and blue.

African violet Colonial Goondiwindi

Colonial Goondiwindi
Attractive frilly lavender flowers

African violet Colonial Port Lincoln

Colonial Port Lincoln
Unsurpassed large blue star shaped flowers

African violet Colonial Port Lincoln

Colonial Port Lincoln - 2nd photo

African violet Coral Kiss

Coral Kiss
Coral Kiss has striking flowers that really glow, even in the hottest weather

African violet Crystal Moonbeam

Crystal Moonbeam
A heavily flowering semiminiature

African violet Dorothy's Delight

Dorothy's Delight
This is a high quality pink  star-shape flower, semi-double with darker veining.

African violet Early Spring

Early Spring
What a beautiful flower, and with variegated leaves

African violet Epsom Magic

Epsom Magic
A reliable blue and white chimera African violet

African violet Fairy Gate

Fairy Gate
Good performing plant with bicolour flowers in white and a delicate pink.

African violet Fisherman's Paradise

Fisherman's Paradise
The lavender flowers are beautiful, but almost unnecessary because the leaves have some of the most beautiful variegation in all African violets.

African violet Fun Trail

Fun Trail
A really reliable semiminiature trailer with fantasy flowers

African violet Gentility

Another hybrid from Margaret Taylor, this plant unfortunately showing some thrips damage not noticed until after the photograph

African violet Harbor Blue

Harbor Blue
Produces lots of flowers

African violet Harmony

Another thumbprint flower hybridised by Margaret Taylor

African violet Humako Tineke

Humako Tineke
This is a very free flowering chimera and the colours are particularly clear and attractive.

African violet Icy Sunset

Icy Sunset
Exceptionally large fuchsia coloured flowers with white edging.

African violet I Feel Pretty

I Feel Pretty
White with a pink edge. Flowers well.

African violet Irish Flirt

Irish Flirt
A classic green semiminiature

African violet Irish Magic

Irish Magic
Variable flowers in blue, white and green.

African violet Jays' Blue Pacific

Jays' Blue Pacific
Lovely dark blue flowers on variegated foliage. Hybridised by J and J White.

African violet Jays' Tammy

Jays' Tammy
Another beautiful hybrid by J&J White

African violet Jean Pierre Croteau

Jean Pierre Croteau
Striking pink on magenta fantasy.

African violet Kimberley

Mauve/pink flowers on variegated foliage from Margaret Taylor

African violet Kissing Bandit

Kissing Bandit
Lush, large, semi-double dark blue and frilly.

African violet Kristie's Smile

Kristie's Smile
Another chimera, this time with purple and white flowers.

African violet Lemon Whip

Lemon Whip
Frilly white flowers with a yellow overlay and centre

African violet Lilburn

Each dark purple petal has a white ruffle around it. Most unusual.

African violet Luv It

Luv It
Luv It is an old favourite of mine with its plentiful pink flowers, frilled petal edges and blue fantasy

African violet Majesty

This was one of the first yellow African violets released.

African violet Ma's Country Girl

Ma's Country Girl
Plenty of fantasy flowers on variegated foliage

African violet Memento

A lavender on pink chimera

African violet Midnight Wave

Midnight Wave
Beautiful flowers that always look fresh, clean and clear.

African violet Midnight Wave

Midnight Wave - second image

African violet Monbulk

Monbulk, another semiminiature from Sue Gardner

African violet Music Box Dancer

Music Box Dancer
This is a large and spectacular double flower.

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