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These are photographs that were not included in the book or on the CD.  

Please note that this is not a catalogue of plants for sale - it is for information only.

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African violet Nancy Leigh

Nancy Leigh
A plain pink double, but so beautiful.

African violet  Ness' Blue Wave

Ness' Blue Wave
A lovely soft blue with interesting veining on the petals

African violet Ness' Fireglow

Ness' Fireglow
Another good rich red.

African violet Ness' Foggy Blues

Ness' Foggy Blues
This has plenty of flowers and never fails me.

African violet Ness' White Bear

Ness' White Bear
A show quality plant with sparkling clear white flowers.

African violet Ness' Peppermint Stick

Ness' Peppermint Stick
A quite startling chimera in magenta and white.

African violet On the Fringe

On The Fringe
Also from Margaret Taylor. It is amazing how many white flowers with a light green edge it can cram on.

African violet Optimara Little Rose Quartz

Optimara Little Rose Quartz
Has tiny rose-like pink flowers.

African violet Party Print

Party Print
A splendid fantasy

African violet Phantom Flash

Phantom Flash
A reliable lavender/mauve

African violet Phobos

A puff fantasy in burgundy and pink

African violet Playful Spectrum

Playful Spectrum
Playful indeed! The colour and patterning varies somewhat from plant to plant. Always lovely

African violet Rainbow's Crystal Riot

Rainbow's Crystal Riot
A lavender/mauve chimera.

African violet Rapid Transit

Rapid Transit
Lightly ruffled blue with white edge

African violet RD's Gleam

RD's Gleam
A vigorous plant with large pink and raspberry flowers, hybridised by R & D Townsend

African violet RD's Kerryn

RD's Kerryn
Another plant from R and D Townsend in deep blue with a white edge

African violet Red Delicious

Red Delicious
Hybridised by Margaret Taylor this is one of the best of the rich red African violets

African violet Retrospect

Pink flowers with blue fantasy on a well behaved plant

African violet Rose Bay

Rose Bay
For those of us who like pink . . . 

African violet Silent Prayer

Silent Prayer
Large lavender star shaped flowers

African violet Silver Milestone

Silver Milestone
Pretty peach pink flowers.

African violet Silver 'n' Gold

Silver 'n' Gold
A semi-double white star with variable amounts of yellow

African violet species

Species Group
Three species of African violets: Saintpaulia rupicola (two plants), S. grandifolia (behind centre) and S. shumensis (centre front)

African violet Star City

Star City
A really bright pink

African violet The Alps

The Alps
A most reliable chimera in white and lavender blue.

African violet Tranquillity

Grew it for many years and now that I don't have it I think I must get it back.

African violet Victorian Flirt

Victorian Flirt
Although there are a number of chimeras with similar colour and patterning, this is a favourite

African violet Windmill

A favourite thumbprint type flower.

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